Monday, December 28, 2009

2009 is coming to an end

Christmas was extremely fun. It's amazing how I managed to have fun even though I was dead tired, my contact lenses were dropping out of my eyes and I was winking like mad to try to keep them in.

2009 has flown by so fast.

School ended half a year ago. Work began 3 months ago.

I took my graduation photo at a studio yesterday. I cant wait to see how the photos turn out!

I'll be performing at the Esplanade on 30th December. I cant wait for it too! Looks like there are many things to be excited about, except work. haha

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Thursday, October 08, 2009

let the (nose) gold-digging begin

today i started my first big engagement.

i have to say it's very scary and challenging especially when i'm new and blurr and even more when i keep asking my colleague questions. he seemed to be irritated with me at times but i dont care! haha

the saddest part is leaving my office and not being able to see my friends for a few weeks or months even. and now im stuck with someone i do not know at all.

oh well, i shall concentrate on doing my job well.

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Sunday, September 20, 2009

im loving the extended weekend

the weekend has been good so far. apart from me having to do my goal setting for work, it has been really good.

blogger is finally ok but i cant bluetooth my pics from my hp to my computer. something is always wrong with technology! or is it just me?

i watched the Ugly Truth with samuel yesterday. it was good. but i still prefer the Proposal. something about romantic comedies is getting to me. i think after being cooped up in the office for a whole week, a romantic comedy really makes me laugh and relax. more romantic comedies please! (but not crappy, brainless ones)

speaking of seating in the office for the whole day, nothing can add more fat to my body than that. i seriously need to exercise which is why i am thinking of joining a gym near my office. hmm i shall ask my friend more about that.

tmr i'll b gng to nadiah's hse for some malay food! yummy! =D

i shall now continue my goal setting.

america's next top model is back! yay! more programmes for me to watch =D
ok, bye

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Monday, September 07, 2009

my dad and his bird friend

my dad made a new friend today. a bird, dunno what breed (looks a little like parrot), came (yes, came, not flew because its wings are clipped so it cant fly) into our kitchen today. my dad kindly took the bird in and is treating the bird like his new found friend.

when i came home
dad: there's a bird in our kitchen
me: what?!
dad: a bird came into our kitchen. while i was washing the cups, i heard a bird sound.
me: huh?! (still in shock) how come the bird never fly away?
dad: its wings are clipped, it cant fly. it looked very sleepy so i went to buy some bird food and vitamin for it

after dinner and i was cutting fruits
dad to bird: u want some fruit?
dad to me: cut a small portion for the bird
dad to bird: here's a fruit. u dont want? ok i keep it for ur breakfast
me: ???? hahaha

anyway, i suspect the bird is one of my many neighbours'. we shall keep it until someone comes to claim it.

i cant upload any picture because blogger is still crazy.

i've started working. my first week was hell for me. i had to wake up at 6plus every morning and sit in the training room for the whole day. but it was great to see some familiar faces and make new friends. i went to my unit to take a look and the staff there were packed like sardines. my auditing life will officially start on friday. im quite excited to see how it'll be like.

my sister is in china, wuhan for 6 weeks. ive taken over her table and chair muahaha. now im skype-ing with my sister and mum :D

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Sunday, August 30, 2009

my goodness, time flies

my last post was on wednesday. it is now sunday. so fast!

another chapter of my life is beginning and think i'm starting to feel a little excited about it.

oh well, i shall let u know how it goes on tuesday. until then, i shall enjoy my final day of holiday =)

there's still smth seriously wrong with blogger. crazy

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